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Become a VIP Doll!

What is a Doll?

In 2017, we redefined the word "doll" to define you! Why? Because it is our mission to help you unleash your inner doll - so the world can get to know the best version of you! 
DOLL n:// a beautiful girl who has an obsession with positive vibes, bold beauty, and iconic fashion. Her smile is infectious, her laugh is contagious, and her vibes are magnetic. Knows her value, then adds tax. Owns her imperfections and the uniqueness that makes her...her. 

SYN: enough, fun-loving, confident, warrior, fierce, go-getter, desired, different.

 Have you heard?

We've curated The Strip Club by Dollish! It's the luxurious hot spot for high-vibe, lash + beauty enthusiasts! (a.k.a. dolls) Starring only the finest in lash styles and cosmetics. Don't worry, we promise to keep it rated G! Good vibes only.

Why Join the VIP ROOM?

  • The lash party that never ends! (It's FREE!)
  • An exclusive community fueled by the love for lashes + beauty!
  • Access to "Rainy Days"! - We make it rain lash cash (free pts, codes, etc.)
  • Access to Exclusive "Mink Drink" Cocktail Codes!
  • Get rewarded when you send us selfies rockin' your Dollish!
  • First in line for new drops + restocks!
  • Earn 2x Reward Points on Exclusive Days!
  • Help us name new lash styles!
  • And more!!!


Text VIPROOM to 833-638-1199