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The Rewards

We love our d o l l s, which is why we created...

A rewards program that offers you rewards, special discounts, and more!

Members can join at any time and can accumulate points that open up doors to exclusive promotions and discounts! This loyalty program was created with YOU in mind!
We appreciate you, so let’s starting counting the ways!
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent, including retail purchases! Yaay!
The Rewards


500 points= $5 off next service or 10% off retail item

900 points=  $10 off next service or 20% off retail item

1500 points= $20 off next service or 1 free product under $20 

2000 points = 50% off next service

*excludes Doll, Ink procedures and Doll The Collection Items



On Your Birthday, BOOM! 100 Points, Just Because You are You!


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