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Partner With Us!

Here at Dollish, our mission is to serve the beauty community by way of beauty by providing easy access to great beauty solutions: services, products, knowledge, education, tip + tricks.

Our app- gives access to beauty at your fingertips! Are you a beauty brand with an e-commerce store or physical location? Our app can help elevate your brand by get you in front of hundreds our loyal dollish beauty community!

Blog/Magazine Contributors- We are looking for beauty pros with extensive expert knowledge on all things beauty. Do you have an area of expertise that is worth sharing to help shed light on better beauty practices? Always wanted to give back to the beauty industry but never knew how. Here's your chance! We'd love to partner and feature your knowledge in our blog and/or digi magazine!

Fill out the form below so we can discuss some super simple ways we can partner to elevate your brand via our mobile app/elevate beauty through your expert knowledge.