Our Story + Mission – Dollish The Beauty Co.

Our Story + Mission

Welcome to Dollish The Beauty Co.

We are fem-powered by luxury lashes, cosmetics, and a beauty digi-magazine -  all made to help you unleash your inner doll!


Our Story.

Dollish The Beauty Co., was created by Doll The Lash Bar, the first Lash Bar in South Jersey! For seven years at DTLB, we created a space where women would come for a relaxing, lash-filled experience. Through the delicate art of eyelash extensions, our dolls would leave with the boost of confidence they needed to conquer the world. Since 2013, we've prided ourselves on providing only top-notch cosmetics, safety, and experiences for our customers.

While Doll The Lash Bar was primarily focused on the application of eyelash extensions, Dollish The Beauty Co. expands upon beauty, as a whole. With a keen focus on building community, growing partnerships, and providing resources for beauty lovers and professionals, Dollish The Beauty Co. is  focused on elevating more than beauty routines, but also impacting lives on a broader scale - online + on the ground. In light of the global pandemic, Cierra decided that moving forward, partial proceeds of company sales, would be used to help elevate the beauty industry, by pouring back into the beauty professionals through education.

Our Mission.

At Dollish the Beauty Co., we are committed to elevating your beauty routine + lifestyle through luxury cosmetics and resources. We are also dedicated to elevating the next generations of beauty professionals.

As the founder of Dollish, Cierra's knowledge, experience, + passion of the beauty world is deep-rooted in both the beauty consumer and beauty professional. While she loves beauty services, she also knows firsthand the financial investments needed for beauty education and how crucial it is for beauty professionals to invest in ongoing education to stay on top and relevant throughout their careers. This is why our company has decided to donate a portion of our sales toward elevating beauty pros in education.

 Our Digi-Mag.

We will release digital publications to help guide you through the beauty world, while helping you elevate your beauty routines to reach your beauty goals. By featuring exclusive interviews that reveal behind the scenes of emerging and veteran beauty leaders, our articles aim to educate, entertain, and inspire you. You can look forward to expert beauty advice, product knowledge, new product drops, exclusive discounts, and more!