Our Why – Dollish The Beauty Co.

Our Why

Dollish The Beauty Co. is:

"Beauty x Lifestyle. Elevated."

Our mission.

At Dollish, we aim to elevate your beauty routine + lifestyle:

Through health-conscious beauty products, a high-vibe community, and helpful resources, we are committed to fem-powering you to unleash your inner DOLL!
We believe women should be two things- beautiful and badass. It's the reason we decided to redefine the word "doll" back in 2017.

DOLL n:// a beautiful girl who has an obsession with positive vibes, bold beauty, and iconic fashion. Her smile is infectious, her laugh is contagious, and her vibes are magnetic. Knows her value, then adds tax. Owns her imperfections and the uniqueness that makes her...her. SYN: enough, fun-loving, confident, warrior, fierce, go-getter, desired, different.


The Dollish Lifestyle is a journey we believe every woman is on. It's an elevated lifestyle full of health-conscious beauty addictions (of course), high vibes, rich relationships, and unapologetic standardsShe's satisfying her beauty addictions with care, because she knows that cleaner beauty is better beauty. She also knows the best beauty hack of all time... protecting her energy by prioritizing more of what sets her soul on fire and less of what doesn't. She's ready to slay. She's ready to connect. She's ready to elevate! #shessodollish

Our Online Shop.

We get it. Juggling it all and living up to your own beauty standards can be a challenge, which is why we've curated our online beauty store to help you unleash your inner doll. With health-conscious beauty products, you can show up and face the world looking and feeling your most confident! 

Our Digi-Mag.

We will release bi-monthly digital publications to help guide you through the beauty world, while helping you elevate your beauty routines to reach your beauty goals. By featuring exclusive interviews that reveal behind the scenes of emerging and veteran beauty leaders, our articles aim to educate, entertain, and inspire you. You can look forward to expert beauty advice, product knowledge, new product drops, exclusive discounts, and more!
Welcome to Dollish, Dolls!