Our Founder – Dollish The Beauty Co.

Our Founder

The Beauty Boss Behind The Brand


16 years in the beauty industry, 14 years as a lash professional and forever a girl on the move. Over this period of time, Cierra has set out on a mission to help women elevate their beauty routine + lifestyle.

Doll The Lash Bar is the beauty business behind her success. This space, launched 2013 in Cherry Hill, NJ, was curated for the everyday woman to treat herself to beauty that not only lasted longer than a day, but also helped to boost inner self-confidence! Through the delicate art of eyelash extensions, Cierra has been able transform the mirror in which a woman sees herself. Cierra is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetology instructor, licensed permanent makeup artist, and an Advanced Certified lash expert. Her “passion for lashing” began during her initial training with Xtreme Lashes back in 2007. Over the years, she has mastered the meticulous process of eyelash extension application. She is captured by the high level of intricacy involved, the creativity it allows her to express, and the jaw-dropping results it produces. As a former Xtreme Lashes Trainer, she was one of the few selected to travel nationwide, to train and inspire health/beauty professionals on the highly sought after eyelash extension training programs. After tens of thousands of services performed, training lash artists nationwide, and a true heart to see beauty professionals live out their dreams, Cierra is dedicated, more now than ever, to continue using her experience and resources to positively impact the beauty world.


       As a full time lash artist at Doll The Lash Bar, Cierra had begun developing her own line of luxury cosmetics. Her Lash Bath + Lash Cleansing Brush quickly became a fan favorite amongst her clients and team, which sparked a new passion of hers - product development! The next product she had her heart set on to create was her own lash extension line, to be used at DTLB of course! She began the process, started testing her new line out on her clientele, but then the global pandemic hit. Like many beauty salons, DTLB was forced to close, unfortunately. Cierra is not a stranger to facing adversity. So, she pivoted quickly from developing lash extensions to developing lash extension-inspired lash strips, instead. With new stay-at-home-orders and the demand for lashes still being at an all-time high, Cierra was dedicated to helping lash lovers achieve easy lash glam - but now, from the comfort of their own home. With passion and fine attention to detail, Cierra launched her luxury lash line, just like she had always dreamt! And as she continues to grow her cosmetics line, she promises to keep quality, safety, and excellent customer service at the forefront.