Cierra, CEO + Master Lash Artist – Dollish The Beauty Co.

Cierra, CEO + Master Lash Artist

The Beauty Boss behind the Doll Brand.


   14 years in the beauty industry, 12 years lashing, 3 years of permanent makeup + forever a girl on the move. Over this period of time, Cierra has passionately grown her business triple fold.

Doll The Lash Bar

was her first business baby, in which she curated for the everyday woman to treat her self to beauty that not only lasts, but builds self-confidence and sass, through the delicate art of eyelash extensions.

Cierra is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetology instructor, and an Advanced Certified Xtreme Lashes expert. Her “passion for lashing” began during her initial training with Xtreme Lashes back in 2007. Over the years, she has mastered the meticulous process of eyelash extension application and continues to fall more in love with it everyday. She is captured by the high level of intricacy involved, the creativity it allows her to express, and the jaw-dropping results it produces. As a former Xtreme Lashes Trainer, she was one of the few selected to travel nationwide, to train and inspire health/beauty professionals on the highly sought after Xtreme Lashes training programs. After training lash artists nationwide and tens of thousands of lash applications as an Advanced Xtreme Lashes Artist, Cierra knows the lash industry inside and out. She will continue on a journey of learning, empowering, and building up all women, inside and out!

Doll Apparel

was created to empower woman through fashion, a girls' next best accessory that allows her freedom of expression + a style that defines her.  Cierra redefined the word doll to help women identify with + tap into her inner girl magic.

Doll, Ink Permanent Makeup

Cierra has trailblazed her way into the permanent makeup industry and is not stopping short of perfection.

- 2x certified in Microblading (2015)

- Proud graduate of the elite Beau Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (2017)

 - Bloodborne Pathogens Certification (2017)

- NJ State Board Certification and Tattoo Licensure (2018),

 - Nouveau Contour: Advanced Certifications in

Nano Strokes, Combination Brow, and Ombre/Fashion Brows. (2018)


As she continues to gift her talent to women in need of permanent makeup solutions that won't budge, Cierra is dedicated to continuous skill mastery and cannot wait to share the exciting training she is scheduled for this year in 2019! 


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