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Healing + Aftercare

As your skin heals and the pigment settles into the skin, you can expect your brows to go through a few stages.

At first, brows will appear very bold and dark. Remember, pigment will fade about 30% over the next 10 days. For 7-10 days after procedure, you will apply the After Inked cream to your brow area several times throughout the day. We will provide this after your appointment. When you come back for you touch-up session in 6 weeks, we will perfect the shape and re-pigment any necessary areas to achieve desired results. Between Day 3 and 7, you will notice the skin beginning to flake. Let it do so, NATURALLY. True results appear between Day 10 + Day 14. 

Following these guidelines up to 10 Days After Procedure, or results will be compromised:

Before showering, apply aftercare cream to protect treated area from moisture. DO NOT allow water to touch the brow area.

Avoid sports and swimming.

Avoid saunas, hot tubs, jacuzzis.

Avoid Sun/suntanning. Wear hat during healing process. After 4 weeks, please apply 30+ SPF sunscreen protect brows daily. Sun will fade pigment on non-protected brows.

Avoid workouts or any hot, rigorous activities.

Avoid sweating. When you sweat, salt is released and will fade the pigment and/or hairstrokes will blur.

Avoid rubbing, picking, scratching, and peeling of pigmented area. The skin is in the process of healing,so let it do so naturally. Removing flaky skin/scabs prematurely will result in pigment loss or cause scarring.

Avoid touching pigmented area unless cleansing or applying aftercare cream with a clean swab.

Avoid smoking/alcohol.

Avoid household chores involving dust, dirt, debris. (basement cleaning, gardening, etc)

Avoid face creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic Acid.

Avoid facials, botox, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, chemical peels, etc.