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Where lash + beauty enthusiasts come to elevate their beauty routines and lifestyle! Fem-powered by luxury cosmetics, a beauty digi-mag, and lifestyle merch. ~ by Doll The Lash Bar.

  • time to unleash your inner DOLL...

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time to unleash your inner DOLL...

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Nostalgia. Do you remember...

the dolls you used to play with, admire to look like, dress like, + ultimately be like? March 1959, the first doll was created for young girls to vicariously live out their dreams. And now, YOU are the DOLL of this era... but you're different. You show up as yourself.  Your beauty standards, your value, your time, and your vibe... are not to be played with!

We love that you love beauty, you vibe high, + you love girly-ish because we are here to help you unleash your inner doll! We are committed to providing you with top-notch beauty products and fem-powered resources to help you elevate your beauty + lifestlye!

d o l l {redefined}

Our mag's got issues. the good kind though!

Welcome to Dolllish The Digi-Mag, the beauty industry's digital publication, where celebrities are not allowed on the front cover! Ha! We promise to only feature real, relatable beauty leaders who are passionate about leaving their mark on the beauty industry. Through their beauty-inspired stories, beauty expert advice, + must-have beauty product spotlights, our goal is to educate, inspire + elevate our readers in the beauty space! Dive in to beauty tips & secrets, who's who in the beauty industry, what's what, beauty discount codes, and more! 

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